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Learning Guide Portal

Your Parent Online Supervising Center

The Parent Learning Guide Portal gives you the tools you need to oversee, support, and enhance your child’s academic journey. This password-protected site allows you to consolidate grades and academic progress for all of your children in one place. In addition, you receive valuable parent resources such as enriching activities and suggested field trips, all of which help you bring learning to life.

Announcing the Upgraded Learning Guide Portal

Calvert is pleased to present the newly developed Learning Guide Portal. This upgraded version features better navigation and more relevant information at a glance for parents, making this generation of the Learning Guide Portal easier to use and more functional than ever before.

What’s New?

Parents, the new Learning Guide Portal Parent View is especially for you, with quick access to your students’ My Calvert accounts and a record of recent orders on your main dashboard. Important links to social networking opportunities and other valuable resources are on the bottom. Answer keys to daily work, only available through the Learning Guide Portal, are accessed by clicking on each student’s name. Need to order next year’s curriculum or an Enrichment Course as a gift? You are only one click away from the Calvert School Store!


Learning Guide Portal
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Your Parent Learning Guide portal provides easy access to:

  • Answer Keys
  • Advisory Teaching Service Tests
  • Read-Aloud ATS
  • Your children’s grades for:
    • Curriculum Checkpoints
    • Practice Tests (if enrolled in the Advisory Teaching Service)
    • ATS Test grades (if enrolled in the Advisory Teaching Service)
  • Curriculum Updates
  • Enhanced Learning Resources
  • Announcements
  • Your order history (complete with tracking numbers)
  • Direct links to your children’s personal My Calvert account(s) for additional monitoring, guidance, and ease of instruction implementation.
  • Direct links to support services, including Calvert Education Counselors, Tech Support, and Client Services.
  • Parent Community link where you can participate in threaded discussions or post questions.

When you enroll your child in Calvert School, you will receive an e-mail from our technology support team that includes your and your children’s user name and password, as well as a direct link to access the My Calvert login page. It’s that easy.

Don’t have your user name or password?

Don’t worry! Contact our Technology Support team at (800) 288-7983 for assistance.

Don’t have a computer at home?

If you do not have a computer at home, you may still access Calvert’s online resources using a computer at your local library. Be careful with your username and password and be sure to log out of My Calvert after each use on a public computer.

Need more time?

If your student does not finish coursework within 13 months of purchase, you may request a free, 3-month extension by calling (888) 487-4652. After this free extension period expires, continued access to the online account will not be available until you purchase a paid extension.
Paid extensions are available for $95 and valid for a 6-month period from purchase date.

Here's how it works:

  • 6-month extension is added to original expiration date, if not yet expired (19 total months from purchase)
  • Expired account of less than 3 months is brought current, then extended 6 months from current date
  • NO extension available for accounts already more than 3 months expired
  • Extensions may take 24 hours to fully process


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