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Calvert employs the latest tools in online instruction to prepare your child for a world of continuing education and tomorrow’s workplace. Each student enrolled in a Calvert course is provided a My Calvert account. This personal, online resource center contains tools to enhance and reinforce your child’s education, such as Online Lesson Manuals, supplemental game-based activities, tutorials, and computer skills and applications lessons. In addition, your child will have access to the following resources:

Calvert’s i-Library

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Calvert i-Library contains interactive resources, tools, and supplemental activities designed to enhance your offline instructional time.These tools include educational website reviews, age- appropriate activities, an astronomy portal, and online versions of core reference materials. These references include Encyclopedia Britannica, World Atlas, Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Collegiate Thesaurus, and Multimedia Library.

Computer Skills and Applications

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Calvert integrates lessons in Computer Skills and Applications right into our curriculum. Your child will learn computer-based word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation skills using interactive lessons. The skills acquired in the lessons are then practiced through assignments in other subject areas. We have integrated the instruction so that your child does not learn new skills in isolation but develops an appreciation of how to apply and expand the new skills.

Game-Based Math Practice

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Calvert makes learning math fun with game-based math practices, which are specifically designed to improve learning while developing gamebasedhigher level problem-solving and reasoning skills. Engaging and interactive, this web-delivered supplemental math practice supports your child's core math instruction. It uses rich, multisensory, game-based activities to improve learning. Because the activities are fun, they motivate your child to extend his time in math practice. Virtual characters encourage students with multiple levels of feedback and instructional support. Click here to view an example.

Curriculum Checkpoints

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Calvert Curriculum Checkpoints are concise objective assessments at the end of every lesson designed to ensure that your child has mastered the main points of the lesson. The checkpoints are automatically graded and give you instant feedback regarding your student’s mastery of the lesson’s concepts.

Calvert Mastery Series: Online Spelling Program

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spellingDeveloped to help students master spelling skills, our interactive Spelling program complements lessons in Third through Seventh Grade. Easy to access through your child’s My Calvert account, this web-delivered course reflects Calvert’s methodology and approach while using “smart” technology to create individualized learning for students. Fun, colorful activities help reinforce instruction. Spelling chapters begin with a pretest designed to gauge what words the student already knows.

Based on the results of the pretest, the program provides variable instruction, customized to each student’s needs. Challenge words are introduced to the student who has already mastered the spelling selections, and additional practice is delivered to the student who needs more help. In addition, the system provides cumulative tests and maintains a personal list of words the student has misspelled that are practiced in later chapters. Writing activities are also included to encourage the student to use his or her spelling words in original compositions.


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E-textbooks are publisher-provided electronic versions of selected textbooks used in the Calvert curriculum. They contain additional online resources, such as automatically graded practice tests, video clips, online quizzes, and other valuable support material. Students in Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grade are able to access their e-textbook from anywhere, provided they have an Internet connection.

Calvert Online Tutorials

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Calvert Online Tutorials are brief, topical videos embedded in the online version of the Calvert Lesson Manual. The tutorials are taught by a Calvert Instructor and feature dynamic presentations to explain concepts and help students with the retention of information.

View technology by grade level.

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If your student does not finish coursework within 13 months of purchase, you may request a free, 3-month extension by calling (888) 487-4652. After this free extension period expires, continued access to the online account will not be available until you purchase a paid extension.
Paid extensions are available for $95 and valid for a 6-month period from purchase date.

Here's how it works:

  • 6-month extension is added to original expiration date, if not yet expired (19 total months from purchase)
  • Expired account of less than 3 months is brought current, then extended 6 months from current date
  • NO extension available for accounts already greater than 3 months expired
  • Extensions may take 24 hours to fully process
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