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Discoveries in Reading

Get your child help with Reading through Reading Enrichment

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Discoveries in ReadingThe Discoveries in Reading series provides carefully selected, age-appropriate books and accompanying lessons that are geared to reinforce and enrich the teaching of reading as well as the understanding of language. The lessons extend your child’s learning and assist him or her in making connections, which are key in developing critical thinking skills.

Calvert’s grade-level courses and Discoveries in Reading courses have common themes to reinforce core learning. For stand-alone use, the series provides a varied collection of topics sure to open your child’s eyes to the adventure of reading. Summaries of each book are provided to give you, the parent, an appreciation for the content and key ideas within each book, guiding you and your child in a discussion of the selection. The guided lessons that accompany Discoveries in Reading provide you with the strategies needed to assist your child in developing reading, comprehension, and critical thinking skills.

When your child completes a Discoveries in Reading course, you may return a postcard for a certificate and a small gift to celebrate his or her accomplishment.

Discoveries in Reading Levels 1 Through 5

Discoveries in Reading Levels 1 through 5 will introduce your child to the exciting world of literature, biography, and poetry. A wide range of topics and ideas are addressed in each course. You can share the joy of reading with your child with the assurance that each book in the course is age-appropriate. Included activities are designed to help build your child’s development as a reader.

Discoveries in Reading Levels 1 through 5 Tuition....................................$195
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Levels 1 through 5 Additional Student Kit Tuition....................................$40
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Discoveries in Reading Levels 6 Through 8

Discoveries in Reading Levels 6 through 8 will turn your middle school student on to reading and give the avid reader a thoughtful mix of nonfiction works and traditional and contemporary classics to read and enjoy. Each group of four books focuses on a particular theme:

  • Ancient History to Modern Classics (6b)
  • Drama and Adventure (7a)
  • The Past and the Future (7b)
  • American Literature (8a)
  • American History and Literature (8b)

In these courses, the Lesson Manual features questions, self-directed activities, and a reader’s journal for your child. Students are asked to compare and contrast the themes, characters, and plots of the books as they read through each course. The lessons also suggest a wealth of activities based on literary themes, including field trips, music exploration, Internet research, and films. Students enrolled in a Sixth, Seventh, or Eighth Grade Calvert course will especially enjoy reading books in the b-series of Discoveries in Reading that correspond with their core history studies.

Discoveries in Reading Level 6 through 8 Tuition....................................$72
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Levels 6 through 8 Additional Student Kit Tuition....................................$20
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