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Rekindle Your Child's Love of Learning

Does your child struggle with reading, writing, or dyslexia?

Verticy Learning offers the perfect solution. Students using Verticy exhibit improved reading skills, a better attitude toward school, and most importantly, improved self-esteem.

Helping Students with Reading and Writing Challenges

You can teach your child yourself. Everything you need comes to you in one box. No special training is needed. You receive all books and materials, plus a DVD showing you easy-to-use instructional methods. And Verticy integrates online resources for interactive, fun learning.

Verticy Curriculum Options

Verticy’s supplemental programs are perfect for assembling a program, a summer enrichment, an after-school program, or with a tutor.

Use Verticy as a Supplemental Program or as a Complete Curriculum.


Features of the Verticy Learning Curriculum

Verticy is designed to keep your child on pace with core subject areas while he or she improves fundamental reading and writing skills. The curriculum is built on a rich foundation of reading, writing, and arithmetic. That foundation is then layered with history, science, music, geography, and the arts to ensure no gaps in instruction.

To help students overcome learning differences like dyslexia, the Verticy Learning curriculum offers:


Research Shows Verticy Works

Our recent study shows improvement in just a few lessons and verifies that Verticy Learning is most effective for the students that the program was designed to reach—students who struggle with reading. Learn more….

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