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Third Grade Curriculum

Third Grade Homeschool Curriculum

Cultivating a Love of Literature

3 preview copyCalvert's Third Grade Homeschool Curriculum features Smiling Hill Farm, a classic but rare children’s book that is reprinted exclusively for Calvert. This is the first piece of literature your child will read on his or her own. It is supplemented by story anthologies.

Composition classes help your child further develop organizational writing. Your child will also use an effective workbook and online lessons to reinforce spelling skills.

Expanding on New Concepts

Third Grade students also begin to learn about ancient mythology and art history, two subjects that prepare students for greater literature appreciation.

Calvert is now offering two choices for Math: Our classic Calvert Math will include strategies and algorithms to add and subtract whole numbers with regrouping. In Math in Focus, students multiply three-digit numbers by a single digit.

Calvert’s technology program features spreadsheet graphing and presentation software. In Science, students study life cycles and force and motion. In Social Studies, students learn about how communities form and work together.

See more details about What Your Child Will Learn in Calvert's Third Grade Curriculum.

Third Grade Homeschool Curriculum Sample Lesson

Online Resources Included with Your Third Grade Curriculum

Calvert's Third Grade course includes access to online resources through your student's My Calvert portal.

In addition, you have access to online Answer Keys and other resources through your Learning Guide Portal.

Calvert's Third Grade Curriculum Tuition for 2014-15

Choose from two instructional support options when you enroll in Calvert's Third Grade Homeschool Curriculum, Calvert Classic and Calvert Classic with ATS.

Instructional Support Option
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Calvert Classic
Calvert Classic w/ ATS


You CAN afford the Best

Calvert offers financial aid to deserving families as well as low monthly payment plan options. Call 1-888-487-4652 to see if you qualify or download a financial aid application now.

Third Grade Placement Tests

Want to make sure this grade is right for your child? Learn more about our Placement process or download a free, no-obligation placement test.

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