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Sixth Grade Curriculum

Sixth Grade Homeschool Curriculum

Building Real-Life Skills

6th Grade Homeschool CurriculumCalvert's Sixth Grade Homeschool Curriculum will expand your child’s knowledge of classic American literature to include Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, and Langston Hughes, among others. Calvert’s Sixth Grade Grammar course also teaches sentence diagramming, unique among contemporary educators. The Spelling unit includes many cross-curriculum words from other subjects and integrates with phonics instruction.

Explorations in World History

In History, your child explores the birth of Western Civilization from the dawn of man through the fall of Rome. In Geography, your child will travel to Asia, Africa, Australia, and Antarctica.

Math Choices

Calvert is now offering two choices for Math: In our classic Calvert Math, students learn to represent fractions, mixed numbers, and decimals on number lines. In Math in Focus, students multiply and divide with decimals and use dot plots and histograms to organize and interpret data.

Teaching Real-world Uses of Technology

Technology lessons cover operation systems, URLs, Web searches, and presentation software.

In Science, students study earth science, the environment, weather and climate, and chemical properties and interactions.

Hands-on Art Lessons

The second volume of A Child’s History of Art: Sculpture offers hands-on art lessons coordinated with art history study.

See more details about What Your Child Will Learn in Calvert's Sixth Grade Curriculum.

Sixth Grade Homeschool Curriculum Sample Lesson

Sixth Grade Homeschool Curriculum Options

Calvert's Placement Counselors can assist you in determining which Calvert level is most appropriate for your child through our placement services.

Also available in Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grade is our sister program, Verticy Learning, for students who struggle with reading, writing, or spelling.

Calvert also offers Sixth through Eighth Grade students Calvert Virtual Academy, our premier online learning program featuring activities, videos, threaded discussion, and opportunities for live interaction through Calvert Clubs, all structured in a way that provides the greatest flexibility and support possible.

Online Resources Included with Your Sixth Grade Curriculum

Calvert's Sixth Grade homeschool curriculum includes access to online resources through your student's My Calvert portal.

In addition, you have access to online Answer Keys and other resources through your Learning Guide Portal.

A Review of Calvert's Sixth Grade Curriculum

Due to medical related issues with our son we found it necessary to find an alternative to the public school system, which was not designed to work with situations out of the ordinary. After a great deal of research, we chose the Calvert Curriculum. At the time, both my husband and I worked full-time out of the house and we needed a thorough and detailed program. Although my background is in Secondary Education, at the time, my schedule was not open to having to spend a great deal of time on lesson planning and such. We needed something that was laid out and user-friendly, not only for us, but for our son.

The information we found online, combined with attending an informational webinar, Calvert came out as the best choice for us.

I have found the pros of the Calvert Program to outweigh the cons ten-fold. The curriculum is laid out precisely and detailed so that it can be followed step by step OR adjusted as needed to work around the particular circumstances. The Lesson Manuals are written "to" the Learning Guide as well as "to" the student, so depending on the level of the student, he/she can work independently with guidance as-needed from the Learning Guide.

The Lessons are well-organized and laid-out so, other than reading the daily plan, a great deal of prep time is not required. At the same time it is set up in a way that if you feel the need or desire to add you may AND suggestions for enhancement activities are included.

The complete curriculum is mailed directly to the house and includes absolutely everything needed other than the items one would expect to acquire on your own like pens, pencils, etc and a few things for Science or Art projects.

The cost is a factor, however, there are payment options available and we have found that the inexhaustible resources provided by Calvert are well-worth it. We use the Advisory Teaching Services option and between the constant support of the Calvert Education Counselors, Calvert Staff, online resources which include the complete Lesson Manuals, Grade Book, instructional videos, e-Textbooks, e-Library, BrainPop, webinars, and the Student Community, we find the cost to be quite justifiable.

By using the Advisory Teaching Service we are able to send tests in for evaluation and not only negate the need for home visits and review by the State, but also providing invaluable feedback for our son.

Having an English background, I find that the Grammar Course could be put together a little better. I get lost in it at times. I would also like to see a more active Parent Community.

All in all we have been very happy with the Calvert Curriculum and will continue to use it. We have been very excited by the arrival of the upcoming high school curriculum being added.



Calvert Education Sixth Grade Curriculum Tuition for 2014-15

Choose from three instructional support options when you enroll in Calvert's Sixth Grade Homeschool Curriculum: Calvert Classic, Calvert Classic with ATS, and Calvert Virtual Academy.

Instructional Support Option
Payment Plan Breakdown
Instructional Support Option
Monthly Payment
No. of Payments
Calvert Classic
Calvert Classic PLUS ATS
Calvert Virtual Academy
Enroll now by calling us toll-free: (888) 328-8285 or by clicking the Enroll button to enroll online.
Calvert Classic
Calvert Classic w/ ATS
Calvert Academy Middle School


Sixth Grade Curriculum Payment Plans and Financial Aid

Have questions about the Payment Plans? Learn more about Calvert's Payment Plan Options. Calvert also offers Financial Aid to qualified families. Download a financial aid application to see if your family qualifies.

Sixth Grade Placement Tests

Want to make sure this grade is right for your child? Learn more about our Placement process or download a free, no-obligation placement test.

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