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Why families love the Calvert curriculum and support

Families who use Calvert rave about our curriculum, our free support from experienced education counselors, and our optional Advisory Teaching Service. Here’s what our families have to say about Calvert:

"Our Calvert teacher is wonderful, always very encouraging with her notes when she grades the tests. As a first time homeschooling mom I love the support and also am very grateful for how easy to use the Calvert lessons are. Everything is laid out for me, I just follow the lesson manual and I know I can’t go wrong."
Melissa Gobbel, mother of Ricky, a Maryland-based Calvert second grader.

"In the first weeks of our homeschool experience I was a bit anxious about embarking on this adventure and feeling a bit like I was flying without wings. It wasn't long before your Martha Cole came to my aid and made me feel much more secure. I soon realized I was welcome to approach Martha with any and all concerns, questions and advice requests to help me through the uncertainty. Martha has been invaluable to my effort and deserves quite a bit of credit for our success. The other person who has proved to be very available and supportive is Michelle Dunn."
Janet G. McFeaters, grandmother of Isabelle, a Florida fifth grader

"I chose Calvert for its strong, rigorous curriculum and I am not disappointed. One of the things I love is the enrichment options for almost every subject; nothing extra to buy. The enrichment options really do complement the material being studied. I really enjoy homeschooling my daughter, and my daughter tells me regularly how much she enjoys being homeschooled, too. My daughter is getting a very high- quality education at her pace, and she is enjoying many more extracurricular activities than when she attended school for eight hours a day.
Michelle Bromhal, mother of Meg, a Virginia third grader

photo of isaac and mom
"I have found it extremely helpful for my older children to have someone else they can go to ‘other than Mom’ who can direct them and guide them when necessary, and that gives us added accountability and encouragement."
Mindy Noyes, mother of Isaac, an Idaho first grader


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"Calvert has allowed me to challenge my children at his or her level with a well-researched curriculum and a thoroughly engaging and motivating program. You have given me the tools I needed to mold my children into confident, articulate, educated children who, no doubt, will go far in life."
- Elizabeth W.

"I've been homeschooling my children since 2009. It has been the best years of my life and for my children, in terms of understanding, love, support, and family. The teachers of Calvert School have been very helpful in guiding me in improving my child's reading and math skills. Thank you for everything."
- Ms. A - Dubai

"The support staff is invaluable."
- Anne

"We're longtime Calvert users and we love the comprehensive program, the easy-to-follow lesson manual, and the student support. Your customer service is excellent too!"
- Keith L.

"I really like Calvert’s lessons regarding the early “building blocks” or fundamentals of reading and writing compositions. Scattered around our house are little books [name of child] has written, illustrated and stapled together. What a great foundation she has been given to be able to one day communicate her thoughts and ideas through written communication! Thank you! We are definitely planning on continuing the use of Calvert curriculum for First Grade."
- A Calvert Parent

"It is a well-planned curriculum covering many different subjects. It is more intense than any other program I have seen."
- Abigail L.

"Every time we have ever contacted Calvert with any questions or concerns, we have found everyone we have ever dealt with to be very courteous and pleasant and have answers for us in a good timely manner. We look forward to yet another year of Calvert School as our son's choice of homeschool education and appreciate all the work and help we receive through every grade."
- Sheri M.

"Calvert has an amazing homeschool program. The curriculum is challenging and hands-on. The lesson manuals really keep me organized on on track when teaching. And when I do need help, the education counselors are fantastic."
- Tom Z.

"I was very nervous about homeschooling my two sons, 2nd and 6th, but with the daily lesson plans, materials, and educational support, I was able to properly educate them at home. Again, the user-friendly daily lessons and educational counselors gave me a great foundation and support system to work with."
- Margaret W.

"My daughter tells me regularly how much she enjoys being homeschooled too. My daughter is getting a very high-quality education at her pace (huge retention value!) and she is enjoying many more extra curricular activites outside of school than when she attended school for 8 hours a day. We have already purchased next year's curriculum and both she and I are already very excited. Calvert is a great choice for many reasons!"
- Michelle

"The educational counselors were wonderful to work with."
- Patricia

"We also love the flexibility Calvert offers, and the fact that I can contact a teacher any time I need a little extra help, or a different approach."
- Nowdla

"Calvert has really saved us. Without a system like Calvert's, our family would have to be separated. Private international schools here are extremely expensive and just aren't feasible for us. My husband and I both agree that when we leave Korea, we want to continue using Calvert for our son. We want the best education we can give him and we firmly believe in the Calvert system. Thank you so much for your time, comments, and commitment to our son's education."
- Jonathan P. - Korea

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"The education counselors also give me insight or ideas that I hadn't thought of in terms of potential ways of doing things in dealing with the particular learning styles of my children."
- Mindy

"My son is both gifted and has ADHD, a difficult combination to work with in a traditional classroom setting. Public school kindergarten was not good to him. I’m not sure he learned a thing. This year we’re doing second grade and having a fantastic time. The lessons are engaging and challenging enough to hold his attention. He actually looks forward to taking and sending in tests!"
- Melissa G.

"The education counselors are always available and no question is stupid to them (and over the years I have asked some "stupid" questions). They have been a tremendous help to me."
- Joan

"I can't say enough about the support staff. When my daughter and I struggled due to pre-adolescence or a curriculum question they were there to guide us through with great patience and knowledge. I couldn't be more pleased."
- Anne

"Our experience with the Education Counselors at Calvert has been aspect of our eight years of homeschooling. Having multiple children, there are times when I have told one of my sons to call and ask a counselor for help on a concept, a problem, or even just a bit of clarification. The boys have spent as little as two minutes and as long as an hour. The counselors have always been encouraging to the boys, clear in their teaching, patient, and extremely helpful. In fact, I would say they have played an integral role in our sons' education."
- Maria

"I would definitely recommend Calvert for families who prefer a very structured approach to homeschooling."
- Lisa B.

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