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Re-Use Course Options

Calvert recognizes that families want to save money and recycle course materials wherever possible, and to assist in these efforts, we provide re-use courses. Our re-use courses allow families with multiple students to re-use textbooks from previous years, while receiving new Lesson Manuals, consumable materials, access to Online Resources, and Personal Support.

In addition, enrolled families can take advantage of this cost-saving program by purchasing used textbooks for current grade level courses from friends or the textbook exchange.

Calvert provides easy-to-use checklists for the books you are required to have to complete a re-use course. Please carefully review the checklists for the grade you are interested in. Special note should be made of copyright dates as occasionally textbooks will be updated but will keep the same title as before. The only way to determine you have the correct textbook version is to verify the copyright date. It is your responsibility to make sure you have all of the items listed on the re-use checklist.

Please note that when families enroll their children in Calvert, they agree to the terms that the Lesson Manual is leased for use for teaching the enrolled student only. The Lesson Manual at all times remains the copyrighted property of Calvert. Therefore, you agree at enrollment not to SELL, SHARE, REUSE, GIVE AWAY, COPY, or DISTRIBUTE the Lesson Manual. You are free to do what you wish with the textbooks and workbooks you obtain from Calvert.

For select enrichment offerings, we offer Additional Student Kits, which address the needs of families who would like to use the course with more than one student at a time. These kits are only available to families who have previously enrolled or are in the process of enrolling in the full enrichment course. This cost-saving option provides the additional child all the consumable materials needed to have the full academic experience.

Download a list of Re-Use Courses.

To Enroll in a Re-Use Course 

2014–15 Re-Use Tuition










Full Course with Math in Focus










Full Course with Calvert Math










Full Course with no math










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