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Kindergarten Scope

What Your Child Will Learn in Calvert School's Kindergarten

Below are highlights of the Kindergarten curriculum. For the full course outlines, download the files below by right-clicking each link and choosing "Save Link As."

Download the full Core course outline.

Download the full Math course outline.


  • Emphasizing phonics to teach short vowels and consonant sounds
  • Logical/chronological sequencing
  • Auditory/visual discrimination
  • Classifying
  • Rhyming
  • Reading 20 phonics storybooks

Spelling & Vocabulary

  • Identifying word beginnings and endings
  • Controlled vocabulary of short vowel words
  • Key words


  • Developing fine motor control
  • Option of printing letters, words, and simple sentences
  • Use of graphic organizers


  • Developing oral expression
  • Constructing asking/telling sentences
  • Capital letters to start sentences and punctuation


Featuring Calvert Math

  • Counting and writing numbers 0–100
  • Patterns, shapes, and understanding data from pictures
  • Properties of addition and subtraction
  • Problem solving; graphing
  • Ordering numbers
  • Matching sets
  • Probability, time concepts
  • Fraction concepts


  • Seasons
  • Five senses
  • Space
  • Differences among land, air, and water
  • Weather
  • Plants and Animals
  • Natural Resources
  • Health


Lessons, activities, and online interactive learning tools are integrated with the curriculum.

  • Keyboard and mouse basics
  • Parts of a computer
  • Introduction to word processing
  • Beginning graphics skills


  • Enjoying and memorizing poems, rhymes, traditional children’s songs
  • Finger plays


  • Famous people and events (e.g., U.S. presidents, Martin Luther King Jr., Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, etc.)
  • Where people live, families, communities, and animal habitats


  • Painting
  • Drawing with crayons and chalk
  • Clay
  • Craft activities
  • All art supplies are included!

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