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High School Pacing Options

Students have the opportunity to complete their coursework in one of two different pacing options. Students select one of these pacing options for each year and have only limited opportunities to switch options during the school year.

Calvert Academy & Calvert PLUS Live Instruction
Flex-Pacing and Traditional School Year

This schedule is designed for students who want their high school program to reflect a traditional school calendar. The flex-pacing of this calendar is patterned after the traditional academic calendar, running from September through June with semester breaks and a summer break. The instructional sessions are scheduled on a predetermined schedule throughout the year so that students cover a structured scope and sequence of material. Students, together with their teacher and their classmates, work closely on group projects and also have access to large group lecture sessions.

Flexible Pacing Cohort Schedule
Semester I Start Dates: September 2, 15 and 29 of 2014
Semester II Start Dates: February 2, 13 and 23 of 2015

Calvert Classic: Self-Paced

The self-paced model is designed for students who want to progress through coursework at their own pace, unconnected to the traditional school calendar. Students have flexibility in beginning and completing courses with no pre-planned breaks during the year. Students work closely with their teachers to manage their progress through the course and teachers provide close monitoring and communication with students on an individualized basis. Teachers will form small groups of students at similar stages in the curriculum to create opportunities for peer collaboration on specific projects. Students also have access to large group lecture sessions.

Download the full 2014/15 Calendar here!

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