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First Grade Curriculum

First Grade Homeschool Curriculum

Develop Independent Reading and Writing Skills

1st Grade Homeschool Curriculum

The joy of our First Grade Homeschool Curriculum is watching your child develop into an independent reader and writer. Through activities that develop a full range of phonemic awareness, phonics, comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency skills, you will help your child build on the printing skills learned in Kindergarten and begin to use our distinctive Calvert script, preparing him or her to express ideas in his or her own words.

Our formal Spelling program overlaps with the phonics instruction in the Reading course.

Math and Technology

Calvert is now offering two choices for Math: Our classic Calvert Math will include an introduction to adding and subtracting fractions. In Math in Focus, students are introduced to the terms and symbols for greater than, less than, and equal to.

In the technology courses, your child will learn word processing, computer navigation, graphics skills, and visual mapping basics.

The Science program includes the study of living things, our earth, weather, matter, motion, and energy.

Introduction to Social Studies

Your child’s first Social Studies classes explore original read-aloud narratives that include biographies of well-known explorers, political figures, inventors, and leaders in American life.

See more details about What Your Child Will Learn in Calvert's First Grade Homeschool Curriculum.

First Grade Homeschool Curriculum Sample Lesson

Online Resources Included with Your First Grade Enrollment

Calvert's First Grade course includes access to online resources through your student's My Calvert portal.

In addition, you have access to online Answer Keys and other resources through your Learning Guide Portal.

A Review of Calvert's First Grade Curriculum

I have been homeschooling for 7 years now. I taught in a private school for 8 years before that. I have 4 children pre-k through 6th grade. This was our first year using Calvert, and I have to say it's been a great year. I feel that we have covered much more material than we have ever done before because everything is so well laid out in the manuals. Most importantly, ALL of my kids have begged to continue with Calvert next year. They LOVE the structure and they look forward each day to looking at the list of materials and pulling out different books each day... one day they might study geography, the next history, the next science or art history (but always the 3 r's everyday). The variety is what they have enjoyed the most I think. I don't understand other reviewers' remarks that the readers are boring! They switch to "real" books in 4th grade and in 1st-3rd the readers are full of REAL stories, like Frog and Toad, Henry and Mudge, etc... PLUS, they have background info about the author and illustrator of each story! My little ones have LOVED that. My littlest just turned 5 and has sat in everyday with his 1st grade sister and has learned to read by just sitting in and listening! He is now 10 lessons into the 1st grade curriculum because he has BEGGED me to teach him too!
I worked really hard as a classroom teacher to prepare lessons for other people's children. Yes, Calvert does require a lot of my time and interaction with my children, but that is why I am homeschooling them! I think of homeschooling as my "job" from 9-2 everyday and I do my best to devote as much effort into schooling them as I did for other people's kids when I taught in a school. The difference is, I love my homeschool students so much more because they are also my precious children.
I know Calvert won't or doesn't work for everyone. I'm so thankful there are so many great choices out there for homeschoolers! Calvert works for us because I like having only ONE teacher's manual per child, my kids LOVE it, and they are flourishing. It has been a huge blessing to my family.

Hope these few comments will give someone some help or encouragement! Happy Homeschooling!


Calvert School First Grade Curriculum Tuition for 2014-15

Choose from two instructional support options when you enroll in Calvert School's First Grade, Calvert Classic and Calvert Classic with ATS.

Instructional Support Option
Payment Plan Breakdown
Instructional Support Option
Monthly Payment
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Calvert Classic
Calvert Classic w/ ATS
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Calvert Classic
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