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Fifth Grade Curriculum

Fifth Grade Homeschool Curriculum

Establishing Connections Between Subject Matter

5th Grade Homeschool Curriculum

In Calvert's Fifth Grade Homeschool Curriculum, students learn the connections between American history, literature, and geography by reading classic historical novels such as Sing Down the Moon and The Sign of the Beaver.

Essential writing skills continue to be developed, including paragraphing, outlining, and summarizing. Your child will write original reports, stories, and essays using the lessons about sentence types in our grammar unit.

Calvert is now offering two choices for Math: Our classic Calvert Math covers multiplication up to three digits, geometry, multiplying and dividing fractions, and introduces integers. In Math in Focus, students read and write numbers to 10,000,000; multiply and divide by tens, hundreds, and thousands.

Advances in Technology, Geography, and Art

Technology instruction includes research skills and basic HTML. In Science your child will study plants, weather, climates, and ecosystems. The Geography unit focuses on regions of the United States.

Most exciting and unique to Calvert is our inclusion of Art History in the Fifth Grade homeschool curriculum. Your child’s classical education will include picture study and A Child’s History of Art: Painting, another text written by Virgil Hillyer, Calvert's first Head Master.

See more details about What Your Child Will Learn in Calvert's Fifth Grade Curriculum.

Fifth Grade Homeschool Curriculum Sample Lesson

Online Resources Included with Your Fifth Grade Curriculum

Calvert's Fifth Grade course includes access to online resources through your student's My Calvert portal.

In addition, you have access to online Answer Keys and other resources through your Learning Guide Portal.

A Review of Calvert's Fifth Grade Curriculum

Last year was our first year using Calvert.We were very happy with the service. The counselors were very helpful - and happy to help any time we had a question.

I think the language arts program is one of the strongest out there. It covers reading, spelling, writing - all important things. I really enjoyed the depth of the science curriculum. It ended up being my daughter's favorite subject.The only con I found was that I prefer math a little more hands on, but we still made it work for us.

Overall, I'd give Calvert an A rating and I definitely recommend them to my friends.


Calvert Education Fifth Grade Curriculum Tuition for 2014-15

Choose from two instructional support options when you enroll in Calvert's Fifth Grade Homeschool Curriculum, Calvert Classic and Calvert Classic with ATS.

Instructional Support Option
Payment Plan Breakdown
Instructional Support Option
Monthly Payment
No. of Payments
Calvert Classic
Calvert Classic w/ ATS
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Calvert Classic
Calvert Classic w/ ATS

Also available in Fifth Grade is our sister program, Verticy Learning, for students who struggle with reading, writing, or spelling.


Fifth Grade Curriculum Payment Plans and Financial Aid

Have questions about the Payment Plans? Learn more about Calvert's Payment Plan Options. Calvert also offers Financial Aid to qualified families. Download a financial aid application to see if your family qualifies.

Fifth Grade Placement Tests

Want to make sure this grade is right for your child? Learn more about our Placement process or download a free, no-obligation placement test.

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