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Eighth Grade Curriculum

Eighth Grade Homeschool Curriculum

Preparing for High School and Beyond

8th Grade Homeschool CurriculumOur Eighth Grade Homeschool Curriculum allows students to study narrative poetry and prose that correspond to the American history program. Through literature and our American history textbook, atlas, and geography workbooks, your child is immersed in the country’s intellectual, physical, and political identities.


Calvert Math emphasizes problem-solving steps and helps lead into the concepts of algebra. Other topics include scientific notation, rational and irrational numbers, and graphing functions. Using Math in Focus, students use systems of equations to solve real-world problems and find the coordinates of points after translations, reflections, rotations, and dilations.

Enhancing Reading Comprehension

By this point, your child’s writing, vocabulary, and grammar skills will be intertwined. Reading comprehension is built through poetry reading, speeches, sonnets, plays, and award-winning novels. This is a new program with a mix of classic, contemporary, and multicultural literature.

Real-Life Science and Technology

In science, the focus will be on physical, life, and earth sciences such as electricity, magnetism, the structure of plant and animal cells, genetics, space, topography, and erosion. In technology, your child will further his or her abilities in presentations, desktop publishing, spreadsheets, and HTML.

Learning Strategies Guidebook

Our online Learning Strategies Guidebook helps develop skills for studying, organizing, test- taking, note-taking, and researching. Our Eighth Grade curriculum builds on the skills of earlier grades while preparing your child for high school.

See more details about What Your Child Will Learn in Calvert's Eighth Grade Curriculum.

Eighth Grade Homeschool Curriculum Sample Lesson

Flexible Placement in Calvert's Eighth Grade

Calvert's Placement Counselors can assist you in determining which Calvert level is most appropriate for your child through our placement services.

Calvert's Eighth Grade now features custom placement for Grammar, Composition, and Spelling, as well as Math. For years, Calvert students have had the ability to select a level of Math different than their core instruction level to accomodate different levels of ability. Now Eighth Grade students may select a different level of the basic language arts subjects of Grammar, Composition, and Spelling based on their level of ability. If your student is on grade level with reading comprehension but requires some more fundamental language arts instruction, this flexible placement option may be right for you. Contact a Calvert Education Counselor at 888-487-4652 to discuss your specific situation.

Calvert also offers Eighth Grade students Calvert Virtual Academy, our premier online learning program featuring activities, videos, threaded discussion, and opportunities for live interaction through Calvert Clubs, all structured in a way that provides the greatest flexibility and support possible.

Also available in Sixth, Seventh, and Eigth Grade is our sister program, Verticy Learning, for students who struggle with reading, writing, or spelling.

Online Resources Included with Eighth Grade Curriculum

Calvert's Eighth Grade course includes access to online resources through your student's My Calvert portal.

In addition, you have access to online Answer Keys and other resources through your Learning Guide Portal.

Reviews of Calvert's Eighth Grade Curriculum

Areas that could be improved are:
Math - More instructional support videos.
Sentence Diagramming - Instructional videos would be helpful throughout the course.

Other than that, the Calvert Eighth Grade course goes above and beyond what an Eighth Grader needs in order to tackle his/her up and coming High School years.

Carlie, a Calvert Parent

Would like to add Geometry for 8th since Algebra was 7th grade. More topical videos for history and science would help on some of the lessons. Don't begin large projects toward the end of each 20-lesson ATS testing. Other than that, the curriculum is really well done, has a lot of information, and definitely prepares the 8th grader for 9th grade.

L.B.J., a Calvert Parent

Calvert Education Eighth Grade Curriculum Tuition for 2014-15

Choose from three instructional support options when you enroll in Calvert's Eighth Grade Homeschool Curriculum: Calvert Classic, Calvert Classic with ATS, and Calvert Virtual Academy.

Instructional Support Option
Payment Plan Breakdown
Instructional Support Option
Monthly Payment
No. of Payments
Calvert Classic
Calvert Classic w/ ATS
Calvert Virtual Academy
Enroll now by calling us toll-free: (888) 328-8285 or by clicking the Enroll button to enroll online.
Calvert Classic
Calvert Classic w/ ATS
Calvert Virtual Academy


Eighth Grade Curriculum Payment Plans and Financial Aid

Have questions about the Payment Plans? Learn more about Calvert's Payment Plan Options. Calvert also offers Financial Aid to qualified families. Download a financial aid application to see if your family qualifies.

Eighth Grade Placement Tests

Want to make sure this grade is right for your child? Learn more about our Placement process or download a free, no-obligation placement test.

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