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When you select the Calvert homeschooling program for your child, you can feel confident knowing that your child is receiving a complete, time-tested education and that you will be empowered to be the best Learning Guide you can be through academic support and encouragement from the Calvert team. The Calvert homeschool curriculum offers educational perspectives far beyond the confines of reading, writing, and arithmetic. Students gain a panoramic view of the world through enriching, inspiring, classical instruction in a variety of subjects.

Each course, from Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth Grade, includes 160 lessons, with 20 review lessons, thus providing your child with an extensive, rigorous educational experience.

Starting with the Fundamentals

The core fundamentals of education have not changed since Calvert developed the first homeschool program in 1906. Mastering the skills in subject areas is vital to the development of a child’s mind. What has changed are the educational tools available to homeschool students and teachers. Calvert incorporates the uses of technology where it improves the educational experience or teaches essential skills.

At Calvert, we carefully select online resources to share with our families. In our Lesson Manuals, we direct students to appropriate online resources, interactive learning opportunities, and multimedia presentations that add another “instructional voice” to your child’s academic experience.

An Emphasis on Technology and 21st Century Learning

Calvert's lessons also include instruction in Computer Skills and Applications, which is integrated into our Kindergarten through Eighth Grade homeschool curriculum. These lessons guide you and your child through animated, hands-on activities online where students learn computer-based word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software skills using interactive lessons. The skills acquired in the lessons are then practiced through assignments in other subject areas.

Live, interactive classes are available for students in Sixth through Eighth Grades through Calvert Virtual Academy. In addition, we include online resources provided by our publishers in order to extend the instruction delivered in the textbooks included in each course.

All of Calvert’s online resources are accessed through each student’s personalized My Calvert online resource center.

Calvert Enrichment Courses

In addition to our homeschool curriculum, we offer academic enrichment courses that will stir your child's creativity, foster a better understanding of the world, and make your overall educational experience more enjoyable. They are designed to complement the core courses, but can also be used independently. Grade level and enrichment courses are available for Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth Grade. We invite you to contact our Education Counselors to discuss how Calvert’s education and enrichment programs can work for your family.

Curriculum by Grade
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