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Our children are unique, with learning styles that match their personalities. One of the many reasons parents choose Calvert Education is knowing that Calvert recognizes and understands individuality. Calvert provides Instructional Support options to meet the homeschooling needs of your child and your family’s lifestyle.

Calvert Classic

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Calvert Classic begins your homeschooling journey, where you will use Calvert’s Lesson Manuals to provide the day-to-day instruction for your child. Work independently at a pace and schedule that fits your family’s lifestyle and needs. Remember, Calvert’s support team is available to you when you need them. Calvert’s Education Counselors are on hand to assist by phone, online through Live Chat, or by e-mail.

Calvert Classic is the ideal instructional support option for homeschooling families who seek the greatest flexibility in their homeschool program along with the highest standards inherent in the Calvert homeschool curriculum.

Calvert Classic features all the homeschool curriculum materials you need for a full year of instruction, including detailed plans in the Lesson Manuals, online academic resources, textbooks, workbooks, supplies, and online answer keys for daily work.

Calvert Classic includes the following:

Calvert Classic with the Advisory Teaching Service

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Calvert’s Advisory Teaching Service is designed to help you inspire the best in your child. Enrolling your child in Calvert’s optional Advisory Teaching Service enhances your educational experience with personal, constructive, and encouraging feedback for your child from a Calvert Advisory Teacher. The Advisory Teacher is your partner in home education, providing another supportive, instructional voice in your child’s education. As your partner, an Advisory Teacher helps boost your confidence and helps you stay on track as you progress through your course.

The Advisory Teaching Service not only provides evaluations of your child’s work, but motivation and support through a personal letter he receives from his Advisory Teacher with each set of corrected tests.

ATS Process & Features:

  • Eight sets of tests, one in each subject area, are evaluated
  • Students may include a letter with specific questions
  • Evaluations include detailed feedback on composition, mechanics, and processing skills
  • Additional motivation and support for your child
  • Online Grammar Review Videos (Grades 6–8)
  • Read Alouds provide feedback on fluency, pronunciation, and expression (Grade 1–3)
  • Online Grade Book
  • A Certificate of Completion
  • An official Transcript (available upon request)

Express ATS—Available for Kindergarten through Grade 8
Express ATS allows students to submit their Calvert Advisory Teaching Service tests via e-mail and receive the results via e-mail, saving both time and postage.

Calvert Virtual Academy with ATS

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 Calvert Virtual Academy is a dynamic program for Sixth through Eighth Grades that takes advantage of the latest instructional tools to provide an online environment that prepares students for high school. This program offers flexibility and many tiers of instructional support. Your child can work at his own pace, accommodating both your family’s schedule and your child’s learning style.

Your child’s academic success is achieved through unparalleled support and plenty of online resources. When your student enrolls in the Calvert Virtual Academy, he will have the dedicated support and oversight provided by his Homeroom Teacher and Course Instructors, who each remain with your child all year long. They assist you and your student by reviewing checkpoints, providing assessments, answering questions, grading, and helping with overall pacing.

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