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Give your child an exceptional middle school experience!

Calvert School is pleased to offer Calvert Virtual Academy (CVA), a dynamic program for Sixth through Eighth Grades that uses the latest instructional tools to provide an online environment that prepares students for high school. This program offers flexibility and many tiers of instructional support. Your child can work at his or her own pace, accommodating both your family’s schedule and your child’s learning style.

Your child’s academic success is achieved through unparalleled support and plenty of online resources. In the CVA, your child receives the dedicated support and oversight of Online Instructors, who remain with your child all year long.

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Virtual Interactive Experiences

Your student will love these live interactive experiences. Each is meant to enhance your student’s academics, foster creativity, add enjoyment, and provide peer interaction.

  • Live Tutorials: Periodically, students can attend live, interactive tutorial sessions in an online classroom. These lessons focus on skills students traditionally find difficult. View a sample tutorial here.
  • Live Clubs: Each semester, CVA offers three live clubs from which students can choose. Past clubs have included a Photography Club, Math Club, Lego Club, Art Club, Film Critics Club, Literature Club, and Creative Thinkers Club.
  • Live Book Discussion Groups: Offered three times a year, students can join a virtual book club. Before the book is read, students attend a live, virtual introductory session. Then, after the book has been read, students once again join a live, virtual session to discuss the book. This book discussion groups are led by our Online Instructors.
  • Live Hall Pass Sessions: Offered to students at least once a month, these sessions are a perfect opportunity for students to chat with other CVA students. Students join the session through a live, virtual classroom monitored by an Online Instructor. It is in the virtual classroom where students use chat boxes to communicate with one another.

Online Class Pages

Each student enrolled in CVA receives access to online class pages. The online class pages serve as the hub of communication for students. It is on these pages a student will find weekly CVA announcements, discussion forums, sign-up sheets to attend class parties, virtual fieldtrips, tutorial sessions, and other social outlets. Also found on the Online Class Pages are the CVA assessments that a student will take throughout the school year. The CVA assessments found on the class pages replace the green paper tests that normally come in the box of materials.

2013 class page

2013 toggle bar picture

Unparalleled Support

In addition to the support of the Education Counselors available to all Calvert families to answer questions regarding daily work and curriculum, CVA families have the added support of the Online Instructors, who:

  • manage the online learning experience in a positive, encouraging way that promotes the success of each student.
  • maintain the class pages to provide students and Learning Guides with important information and resources.
  • are available by phone or email for student or parent assistance.
  • provide additional resources as needed to help students succeed.
  • grade students’ assessments, including quizzes, projects, and threaded discussions in a timely manner in order to provide constructive feedback.
  • monitor students’ progress in all subject areas and assist students with successful pacing through the course.
  • contact students and Learning Guides to offer suggestions and support.

Assessment and Student Progress

Different from the Advisory Teaching Service, where tests are provided every 20 lessons, assessments in CVA are more frequent in order to evaluate content and skills as they are learned. Students in CVA submit all assessments, including quizzes, projects, and threaded discussions, online. Students are assigned interesting and engaging projects that encourage them to demonstrate their learning in creative ways using the latest technology and web tools. All of these assessments are based on and replace the paper tests used in the Advisory Teaching Service. At the end of every twenty lessons, the student’s scores will be compiled into a final grade for the unit, which will be posted in the student’s online grade book.

The Benefits

Pacing flexibility: In keeping with Calvert’s mission, CVA is designed to fit your family’s schedule and your child’s learning needs while providing a structured curriculum and academic excellence.

Premium program for middle school: All Calvert curriculum is engineered to provide the highest quality education, and CVA is consistent in keeping with those efforts while also offering you and your family new tools to make your child’s learning experience both successful and fun.

Unparalleled support: Support from the Online Instructors and Education Counselors ensures that you and your child succeed academically. They provide tools to help with pacing, develop interesting assignments to help stimulate intellectual curiosity, grade assessments and provide timely feedback, and are available to answer questions and help you and your child tackle especially difficult concepts.

Interactive Learning Community: Virtual interactive experiences such as live tutorials, clubs, book discussion groups, and hall pass sessions, along with the class pages and discussion forums, provide students the opportunity to interact with their peers and instructors in a fun and safe online environment.

Enrollment is accepted at any time of year!: Because we want our CVA to fit your schedule, you are able to start anytime during the year that is convenient for you and your family.

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