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High School Diploma

High School Diploma and Course Credit

Students are able to receive academic credit and ultimately graduate from the Calvert High School with a Maryland State diploma. There are graduation requirements that a student must meet in order to receive a diploma from Calvert. These requirements can be met with academic credit from Calvert courses and/or transfer credits from other accredited institutions.

There are two ways a students can receive a diploma from Calvert High School:

  • Calvert Academy is a diploma-granting high school for students who attend on a full time basis.
  • Calvert Plus students who purchase Live Interaction and/or Mastery Transcript support receive credit for their completed coursework. These credits can be applied toward meeting the graduation requirements and receiving a diploma.

Students who purchase the Calvert Classic curriculum without Live Instruction and/or Mastery Transcipt support do not receive academic credit for their coursework.

Mastery Transcript

Mastery Transcript allows student to to receive academic credit for their Calvert coursework without attending Calvert Academy on a full-time basis. This is a supplementary servicethat provides a path to a diploma for homeschoolers.

Students are taught on a day-to-day basis by their parent and then have their work graded by a Calvert teacher to ensure the student’s mastery of the material. The Calvert teacher assesses the student’s written work, tests, and Learn-Use-Teach portfolio materials. Students who demonstrate mastery of the course material receive a grade for the course to be included on their official transcript and count as academic credit toward graduation requirements for a diploma.

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