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High School Instruction

Teaching Model

High quality instruction is essential to the academic success of students attending the Calvert High School, so close relationships between students and teachers are a critical component of the school’s design. Students who attend the Calvert Academy or purchase live interaction through Calvert Plus are assigned to a specific teacher who is responsible for the instructional support provided to students in each course.

The teacher monitors student performance and provides regular interaction; the teacher grades all assignments and is the primary point of contact for parents and the student. Students are also part of a student cohort in each course, enabling them to participate in group projects and peer interactions intended to broaden and deepen their learning experience.

The teacher is expected to be in close contact with every student and the teachers lead a variety of small group, large group, and individual instructional sessions. All sessions are recorded and archived in an online course library, available for independent self-paced use and for viewing by students who want to review a session. 

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Live Interaction

Live interaction is provided in every course in the Calvert Academy and in individual courses in Calvert Plus. Each student is assigned a specific teacher in every course. The teacher monitors student performance and provides support and direction. The teacher grades all assignments and tests and is the primary point of contact for parents and the student.

Teachers provide students with teacher-led live instruction through multiple methods:

  • Class sessions - Topic and skill based sessions related to class content.
  • Small group sessions - Opportunities for peer collaboration and interactivity across subject areas.
  • Office hours - Each teacher will have scheduled office hours every week.
  • Ad hoc sessions - Teachers can create sessions on the fly to meet the immediate needs of students.
  • Student generated sessions - Students can always request 1-on-1 tutorial sessions with their teacher on a specific learning need.

Teaching Corps

A strong and highly capable teaching corps is a critical a hallmark of the Calvert High School. All teachers in the school will meet a set of basic qualifications including an active U.S. teaching certificate along with the appropriate background checks and fingerprinting.

Beyond these basic qualifications, every teacher will participate in an extensive professional development program. This includes a complete on-boarding program for new teachers and extensive ongoing professional development on a monthly basis, including grade-level and departmental peer sessions.

Teachers will also be subject to performance monitoring to ensure high quality instruction for every student; supervision will be provided by a qualified administrator with clear performance standards and metrics along with “listen in” capabilities for supervisors.

Shown below is a sample of the 9th Grade Algebra course:

Algebra Video Tutorial

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