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High School Curriculum

The centerpiece of Calvert High School’s academic program is the Calvert Curriculum, which is directly aligned with Calvert’s existing K-8 curriculum. As such, the curriculum is intentionally designed to maximize each student’s potential as he or she engages with the program. With that guiding principle, the high school program offers a high degree of sophistication and complexity, reflective of pedagogical best-practices and in support of goals and objectives that enable each student to reach his or her potential and be prepared to succeed in our increasingly complex world. The key characteristics of the Calvert High School Curriculum are:

  • College preparatory curriculum – The curriculum and coursework for the Calvert High School is unabashedly college preparatory in nature. The curriculum is academically rigorous and reflective of the highest international standards, preparing students to successfully attend any college in the world.
  • A primarily digital program with supplementary analog content – The curriculum for high school students is primarily delivered in an online digital form; students log into the Calvert website to access the academic content for their courses. Students and parents are also provided with an analog printed learning guide to orient and frame the online work they will complete. In some courses, such as the lab sciences, additional supplementary resources are included.
  • All digital content on a robust Learning Management System (LMS) – All of the school’s digital content is delivered to students via a rich, interactive LMS, using video, audio and collaborative content, and provides students with an interactive and multi-sensory learning environment.
  • Full array of core academic and elective courses – The program offers a broad selection of courses from which students can build their full course schedule. The course catalog is somewhat narrower for 9th grade, but will grow in depth and diversity in the coming years.

Shown below is a sample of the 9th Grade Algebra course:

Algebra Video Tutorial

9th Grade Courses - Fall 2014

10th Grade Courses (Fall 2015)

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High School Instruction

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