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Calvert's Placement Services

Proper Placement Drives Homeschooling SuccessCalvert Homeschool Placement

Prior to enrollment, use Calvert’s no-cost, no-obligation Placement Tests and Assessments to ensure that your child enters the appropriate Calvert grade level.

In Pre-Kindergarten through Third Grade, the placement assessment is graded by you, the parent. In Fourth through Eighth Grades, the placement test consists of a combination of objective questions, short answers, and a composition graded by a Calvert Placement Counselor.

Calvert’s placement tests are designed to provide valuable insights of your child’s concept knowledge and skills applications—all of which help our Placement Counselors offer an appropriate Calvert course recommendation.

Primary Assessments for Pre-Kindergarten through Third Grades

Calvert provides primary assessment tools that enable you to self-test your child for Pre-Kindergarten through Third Grade readiness. Feel free to discuss the placement of your child with our Education Counselors. Please have the completed Primary Assessment handy when you contact our Education Counselors at 888-487-4652 or 410-785-3400, or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Primary Math Placement Test

Use this test if you are planning to enroll your child in a higher primary math level than his or her core grade level. Evaluated by our professional Placement Services Counselors, this test is designed to determine if your Kindergarten, First-Grade, or Second-Grade child is prepared for First-Grade, Second-Grade, or Third-Grade Math.

General Placement Test for Fourth through Eighth Grades

Calvert’s General Placement Test is submitted for review by our professional Placement Services Counselors. Your child’s placement test is reviewed for both concept knowledge and skills application. In math, we evaluate more than whether your child arrives at the correct answer; we analyze how he or she arrived at the answer, providing a better assessment of your child’s math skills.

A composition, which provides valuable insight into your child’s vocabulary, organizational skills, thought process, and ability to apply grammar knowledge, is also required. In addition, a reading comprehension piece helps us determine your child’s reading level. Based on this assessment, we can offer a recommendation that includes core grade level, math level, or Calvert Custom Placement in our Grammar/Composition/Spelling curriculum.

Our placement recommendation is not solely based on the results of a few objective questions. Our Placement Services Counselors evaluate your whole child through consideration of the following factors:

  • Age
  • Current grade
  • Time taken to write the composition
  • Knowledge of capitalization and punctuation rules
  • Parent-provided information about the child’s reading and study habits, writing experience, and family information


    Algebra Placement Test

    Calvert’s Algebra I Placement Test evaluates your child’s readiness for this vigorous math course. Algebra I can be part of a Calvert Custom Course or an individual course.

    Important Note: A placement test is required when enrolling in the Advisory Teaching Service for the first time in Fourth Grade and above, Algebra I, and when enrolling in Calvert Interactive featuring ATS.

    The placement tests and assessment tools for each grade level are available for you to download and print. Click the link to view Download Instructions.

    Once completed, mail tests to our offices at:

    Placement Testing
    c/o Calvert Education Services
    10713 Gilroy Road, Suite B
    Hunt Valley, MD 21031

    All placement tests are evaluated within five business days of receipt. People submitting tests from within the United States will receive a telephone call with results, while people who submit tests from outside the United States will receive their evaluation by e-mail.
    If you have additional questions, please e-mail our Education Counselors at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call them at 888-487-4652 or 410-785-3400.

    Is a Placement Test Required to Enroll?

    Students enrolling in the Advisory Teaching Service for the first time in Fourth through Eighth Grades, Algebra I, and Calvert Interactive must complete the no-cost, no-obligation General Placement Test prior to enrolling. An appropriate grade level is recommended for your child based on the test results. Students enrolling in ATS are required to enroll in the level recommended. A Placement Counselor is available to discuss your child’s results.

    If you choose not to use ATS, your child is not required to complete a placement test. However, a placement test will provide you with the assurance that your child is enrolling in the appropriate grade level and will achieve better results.

    If you elect not to use our Placement services, the following PDF files will provide you with general grade-level guidelines of what your child should be able to accomplish before you begin the course.

    If you are having difficulty accessing the files in the download center, please install the latest version of Adobe Reader.


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