Calvert High School

Students may enroll in the Calvert High School through three basic program options:

  • dinoheadCalvert Classic – Calvert Classic is designed for families who want to homeschool their 9th grader and have the parent serve as the primary instructional support for the student. Calvert Classic includes the Calvert Curriculum with no additional services or support from Calvert, other than access to our Education Counselors.  This option is consistent with the way many families currently utilize the Calvert Curriculum for their K-8 students.  The parent is the student’s primary instructor and Calvert equips them to successfully teach the curriculum to the student.
  • Mastery Transcript – This is a blending of Classic and Academy in that it is a teamwork approach between the parent and teacher that provides a path to a diploma for homeschoolers. Students are taught on a day-today basis by their parent or other responsible adult and then have their work graded by a Calvert teacher to ensure student mastery of the material.
  • Calvert Academy – The Calvert Academy is a whole-school program that is designed for families who want their student to attend a rigorous online high school on a full-time basis. Students attend the online Calvert High School for all their courses and receive instructional support in every course. Calvert teachers are the student’s primary instructor in each course. Students enroll in a full schedule of courses and attend online sessions with other Calvert High School students, creating unique opportunities for peer relationships and engagement.

NEW for 2015

Single Course Instructional Service

Designed for Classic students that may require additional support in specific courses, a Calvert instructor will complete grading, verify the learning and issue an official grade for the course which will appear on the student's transcript.

Tutoring Services

Calvert has partnered with FEV Tutor to provide this custom service which includes 15 hours of tutoring per course, per semester. The tutors will have direct access to Calvert's online courses.

View the 2015 High School Program Guide online.

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