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Unraveling Math Mysteries


Learn what to expect from Calvert Education Services in the 2014-2015 year.


Starting Well—How to Establish Homeschool Rules and Routines

Getting it together to begin a new school year can be a daunting task. This webinar will provide tips for setting up your classroom, managing your academic calendar and educating more than one child at once..

Where to Find it ALL - Using your Calvert Time Wisely

You are asking yourself: Is there a better way to do this? How do all these pieces fit together to make a great academic year? Do I really have what it takes? Of course you do!

Help Me, My Kid Is Driving Me Crazy. How do you teach a kid like this?

You decided to independently educate your child, you've jumped in with both feet, and the kid you love is driving you CRAZY!! View this webinar for VERY PRACTICAL advice about working with hyperactive, distracted, lethargic or disinterested children.

Teaching Your Child Time Management Skills

You will learn all about the principals of Executive Function: the key to organizing your school at home, managing time for both you AND your children, and devising a reward system that works.

Time Management Resource Page

Training Their Minds Without Losing Yours

Only Children—Making This Their Best Year

How to Homeschool without Coming Unglued


Guiding the Reluctant Writer

Parents often say the most challenging subject for children is composition. The Reluctant Writer family seminar will share the best ways to cultivate your child’s skills without actually doing the work for them.

Working With More Than One– Double the blessings, Double the Fun!!”

Gretchen will share strategies from her own years of independently educating her children, as well as observations and suggestions from our Education Counselors. Bring your questions and be prepared to be entertained and inspired, and come away with some practical applications for your homeschooling day.

Keeping Their Brains Sharp During the Holidays

The holidays can draw us in so many directions that it is difficult to keep an "education" state of mind. As you go through your holiday routines, take time to join Gretchen Roe as she shares a dozen quick tips for keeping your academics skills sharp, even when the books are put away.

Kick-Start the New School Year - Steps to Take NOW to Have the Best Year Ever

Learn practical ways to hit the ground running this school year. Navigate the Calvert lesson manual and get the most our of the Learning Guide Portal with this advice from Calvert's Community Liason, Gretchen Roe.

Staying the Course with Calvert

Measuring Progress—Is My Child Keeping Pace or Falling Behind?

It’s a common worry for homeschool families: How do I know my child is learning? Get the most out of Calvert's built-in assessment tools, including the Advisory Teaching Service tests, the Calvert Test Series option, and learn other methods of gaining feedback.

Lessons (Necessary Versus Nice): What MUST You Cover Daily?

Navigating the Learning Guide Portal

Calvert Preschool: Is Your Child Ready?

You want to give your child the best head start possible. But how early should you start? Take a guided tour of Calvert’s Pre-K curriculum and get answers your questions about preschool readiness.

The Secrets to Good Grades in Composition and Mathematics


Secrets to Mathematical Competency

Introduction to Bar Models

Overview of Math in Focus

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