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Benefits of Homeschooling

Benefits of Homeschooling

Why does homeschooling get rave reviews?
Individualized, directed learning and flexible pacing

  • Homeschooling brings families closer together
  • Learning can take place anywhere, anytime
  • Freedom to explore individual interests and tailored areas of study
  • Shared learning experiences among siblings on educational field trips and learning adventures
  • The opportunity to nurture and provide individual attention to your child
  • Ability to impart family values throughout the learning process
  • Intimate involvement, knowledge, and guidance regarding your child’s education

Academic benefits

View research on the academic benefits of homeschooling.

Our families say it best

“We are new this year to the homeschool world. When we began considering the possibility of homeschooling, I wondered how I could possibly teach my 5th grader, especially in subjects that I knew very little about myself? With Calvert's program, I now have the confidence that I can indeed give my child an excellent education...with ME as her teacher!! Having the subjects arranged in Lesson Plans assures me that I am covering everything that my daughter should be learning at her age...and even more! The step-by-step instructions in the Lesson Manuals also enable me to teach subjects that I have little knowledge about. And because the Lesson Manuals are so detailed, I spend very little time preparing to teach and more time actually teaching! Calvert's program is not just books and manuals, though. It is the support system that Calvert has put in place which makes them shine above the rest! The assistance we have received from the Education Counselors and ATS teachers has proved invaluable! They are our "safety net," giving us the necessary guidance and support so we can have a successful year. As a matter of fact, I now feel so confident in Calvert's program that I am planning on homeschooling my other daughter also next year!”-- Karen Callahan, Thurmont, MD

“Calvert has provided an avenue for our children to receive a private education at a fraction of the cost. My son used Calvert for almost all of his primary years and was accepted into all of the preparatory private schools to which he applied. He was not only placed in the honor track, but earned a merit scholarship as well. He competed for slots with children who had received private-school educations all of their lives. The transcripts from the Advisory Teaching Service, in my opinion, are the only reason why he was accepted. Most administrative people always asked whether anyone besides his parents had seen any of his work. They seemed relieved to know that Calvert had.”-- Barbie Doty, Bowie, MD

"My son always hated reading, as the selections he was forced to read and reread in school were so boring. This year, with Calvert, reading has become his favorite subject! One day, he said to me with a look of awe and revelation on his face, "Mom, I like reading when the book is interesting!" He is motivated now, and attacks unfamiliar words, eager to understanding the meaning, whereas before, he simply gave up and said, ‘I don't know that word.’ Also, the word origins in the Calvert Speller are making a huge difference in his ability to figure out meanings. He uses those skills constantly and is proud of his progress. Thanks so much!"-- Susan Healey, Wahiawa, HI

"I cannot say it enough! We LOVE the Calvert curriculum! My daughter actually asked me if she could PLEASE do fractions today! My six-year old daughter, the girl who HATED math, actually pleaded with me to do fractions today! Thank you, thank you, and again, thank you!"-- Jim Fite, Dallas, GA

“We just received our second grade curriculum, for which we had a party. My seven-year-old son was thrilled; one would think that he opened his birthday presents. I am full of joy as I am looking at all the wonderful books. It has taken me much time to decide what curriculum to use, since I am an educator myself, teaching Ancient Literature and Latin. Looking at the high level of your curriculum, it only makes me wish that I had started nine years ago. I am looking forward to enrolling my other two sons, age 9 and 5, next year. I am excited at the depth of education they will receive.” -- Timothea F. Hurtt, Columbia, SC

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