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A Shared Calvert Experience

In your home and on our Baltimore campus,
students share in the rich traditions of Calvert.Calvert School Baltimore

When Head Master Virgil Hillyer arrived at the Baltimore private school known as Calvert School in 1899, he was all of twenty-four years old. He had a teacher’s heart—an innate ability to understand what a child needs, the ways a child understands, and just how much a child can grow. He also had a plan.

The first steps in a Calvert education were presentation and imitation. Drill followed, aided by games and devices that Mr. Hillyer himself had invented. His aim was to open the world to his students and to instill a love of learning to last a lifetime. The fundamentals were never overlooked, and there was no better reward than a perfect final project. That philosophy remains true today.

Mr. Hillyer’s gifts endure. Calvert Script, A Child’s History of the World, and Hillyer's methods for teaching, which are still used today, attest to his foresight. His vision transcended the walls of the Day School, giving hundreds of thousands of homeschooled children all over the world a Calvert education.

Since Mr. Hillyer’s time, the school has continued to grow and thrive. Our curriculum is used by students throughout the world in a variety of settings. Today our Head Master continues a tradition begun by Mr. Hillyer and continued by the intervening Head Masters. Every morning, each student is greeted personally—with a handshake and a "Good morning!" from the Head Master.

It is our hope that your homeschooled students feel that they are part of our school. Although miles may separate, we are all part of the inspiring set of ideals of Virgil Hillyer, who believed in a strong education for all children, who loved Calvert School, and whose legacy lives on.

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